Entertainment Areas

Picture this.

The doorbell rings. You have been waiting for this! After a quick check that everything is set, you open the door. Hugs are what greet you on the other side from family, from friends. As loved ones start to gather, two by two, four by four, they start to spill outside. There is chatter and laughter around the fire pit and soft lighting, and the space is suddenly filled with a warmth that has nothing to do with the temperature.


What kind of projects do the team at Cornerstone Paving get most excited for? We'll give you one guess!

If kitchens are the heart of the home, entertainment areas must be it's smiling face. The place where your home and hospitality is proudly put on display. The place where evenings and events will take place and play host to lifelong memories. The place where loved ones come to play, relax, and reconnect.

The possibilities for an alfresco dining area or entertainment area are endless. Will you have soft or bold lighting? Will you have a fire pit for warmth and ambience? Will you choose a dark and sophisticated colour scheme, or light and fresh? Cornerstone Paving has had many years experience guiding people just like you in the creation of their perfect entertaining spaces. We can assist with all aspects of your design, from of course laying the all-important foundations, to helping you decide on stone choices, timber features, and which plants or trees will bring out the best in your space.

Your own personal piece of paradise is our delight to create. You bring the vision, we will bring the expertise.

Get the picture?

Get the team at Cornerstone Paving on board today!



Life can be full of difficult choices.
Choosing who should help you with your pool
landscaping isn't one of them.


We can work with you on a driveway, a path finish that is as stylish as it is safe, or even create complex and custom-designed floating concrete structures.


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