Set in concrete.

A saying that means something is final, permanent, rock solid. This is because concrete is known for its long lasting strength and durability. There is little wonder that the team at Cornerstone Paving have gathered quite the expertise over the years in all things concrete. It is an extremely popular, and versatile, material with a range of different finishes.


We have come to specialise in many forms of concrete finishes, including exposed aggregate. This is a process by which we pour the concrete, allow it to set for several hours and then wash off the top layer, exposing the aggregate, or gravel, giving it a long lasting, non-slip and attractive finish. We can work with you on a driveway or a concrete path finish that is as stylish as it is safe, or even create complex and custom-designed floating concrete structures.


If your next big idea involves concrete, it should involve Cornerstone Paving. Just like our name 'cornerstone' means a foundational stone, or the first stone by which all others are set against, we know that it is important to start with strong foundations. From the start to the finely detailed finish, our attention to detail will ensure your project is of the highest quality possible. You can call it a satisfaction guarantee, but we just call it what we do.

Either way, you can call it set in concrete.



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